Jonathan Meddings is the author of The Final Cut: The truth about circumcision. A writer and human rights advocate from Melbourne, Jonathan has worked as a medical and science writer, authoring over a hundred medical fact sheets and co-authoring market-leading biology textbooks. Experienced in policy and advocacy, good governance, and stakeholder engagement in the not-for-profit sector, Jonathan's career as a public policy professional in the community health sector has spanned addiction, HIV and LGBTIQ+ policy. He holds degrees in medical science with honours and arts with majors in philosophy and politics.


Tim is a collaborative family law practitioner and human rights lawyer practising in Queensland. A member of Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, Tim holds a BSc (Newcastle) and Diploma in Law from Legal Profession Admission Board (NSW). He is a widower, proud dad and grandpa and lives on the Sunshine Coast. Tim has a strong focus on law reform and human rights and is a an active Intactivist and proud advocate for children without a voice.


Max lives in Melbourne and has a background in accounting. He is the Director of Intact Australia, a grassroots genital autonomy organisation working to end unnecessary genital cutting of minors. He is a passionate advocate for human rights, children’s rights, animal welfare and welfare of the under-privileged.


Dr Pamela J. Ferrada (BBiochem, MTeach, PhD) is a biomedical scientist with a background in HIV-1 and human stem cell research. Originally from Chile, Pamela migrated to Australia in 2008 to pursue a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at the University of Queensland. Pamela worked for over ten years in fetal stem cell research and clinical laboratories in Australia and overseas before becoming an educator. She has also completed a Medical Law course with Barry Nilsson Lawyers in Queensland and is currently completing a postgraduate certificate Training to Teach in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Pamela works in clinico-legal education and is an Educational Activity Representative (EAR) for the Royal Australian College of General practitioners (RACGP).


Caroline is a Melbourne-based business development specialist. She has held senior roles across the environment, education and community heath sectors, and local and Commonwealth government departments. She currently works for an Indigenous community development organisation. Caroline is passionate about social justice, women’s rights and equality. She has a Diploma of Business, and is a member of the Fundraising Institute of Australia.



Hugh is a retired broadcaster/editor who has been active in Intactivism since the 1990s. He maintains The Intactivism Pages, He has presented four papers at International Symposia on genital autonomy. Hugh lives in Porirua, New Zealand.


Rochelle is a human, environmental, and animal rights advocate from Melbourne. Her background encompasses work with vulnerable community members, including roles in child protection and the disability sector. She also has experience in the NFP and corporate realm, such as in general management and staffing solutions, where she has led teams and managed complex client accounts. Rochelle's academic journey includes qualifications in psychology, project management, health sciences, and business administration. She is presently engaged in a postgraduate degree in policy and politics. Currently self-employed, Rochelle is passionately working towards fostering inclusivity in the world of work for neurodivergent professionals. Drawing from her diverse range of qualifications, and professional and lived experiences, her advocacy is characterised by a rational and intersectional approach, reflecting her dedication to making a positive impact.



Damien grew up in country Western Australia and now lives in Sydney. He holds a BComm (Marketing & Management), and has worked in professional services marketing for over 15 years, which included a two year break to be a stay-at-home parent to his three children.