AIGA is deeply concerned some doctors are still performing circumcision procedures despite the restrictions placed on elective surgeries to combat COVID-19.

The restrictions imposed since midnight on 25 March only permit category 1 and in exceptional circumstances category 2 procedures to continue.

Category 1 procedures are procedures that are clinically indicated within 30 days, category 2 within 90 days, and category 3 within 365 days.[1]

Male circumcision, even when medically indicated, is usually considered a category 3 procedure.[2]

Moreover, male circumcision is almost always performed as a cosmetic procedure, meaning that in most cases it is not really clinically indicated at all.

President of the AIGA, Jonathan Meddings said, “It beggars belief that some doctors are continuing to perform medically unnecessary circumcisions and flouting the restrictions placed on elective surgery.”

“This exposes circumcision for what it almost always is: a cosmetic procedure and profit-making exercise. These doctors are wasting scarce personal protective equipment needed by health professionals on the front lines to protect them from COVID-19.”

“Cosmetic procedures that forcibly impose the aesthetic preferences of parents on children are not medicine. Such procedures should be unlawful and taxpayers should not be footing the bill for them through Medicare.”

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Jonathan Meddings | AIGA President

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